Some very clever people in Sweden have figured out how to take old acetate glasses, grind them up and make new pairs. Making something new from something old 😍 For the eyewear industry this is a MASSIVE step forward in terms of sustainability...
Ordinarily, acetate frames are not recycled. They can be re-used, reglazed and donated to charity. Despite many frames being made from cellulose acetate (meaning they do eventually break down in certain conditions over months or years) there are few facilities available available to manage the process, meaning that often broken glasses are simply thrown away.
This small collection of glasses represents a significant shift, and as usual we are one of the first to showcase the product. As its popularity grows, designs will be more expansive but for now they are wearable everyday shapes suitable for both optical and sunglass lenses. Each pair is unique and as you look closely you can see the colour chips of all those old glasses shining through the new shape. 
I recognise that being part of this industry fuels the waste that occurs as part of eyewear production. No business is perfect. But we can all do things with better intentions for people, planet and profit. This is just one of many steps I have been taking and am taking to move in the right direction.
In the meantime
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Rebecca x
Rebecca Thompson