Let's face it, there are a lot of larger glasses styles around currently. That's all very well, but what if you've got a slim or petite face? Don't you just end up looking like you're wearing something that belongs to your Mum? I'm not a fan of adults visiting the children or teen section for eyewear options, and so spend a lot of time curating grown-up collections for those with a small face. Here's my top tips for rocking the oversized glasses look (when you've got a petite face):

1. Check the sizing

You'll see a set of number on the inside of the frame that might look like this: 52 x 18. That first number is the width of the lens in mm, so the larger that number, the wider the frames will be. If you've got petite features and want to do an oversized look you'll need balance, depth of lens top to bottom, but not too wide. This means ideally you need to be looking for 51 eye size or less. 

2. Look at the lens proportions

When you have the frame on, where are your eyes? If they are roughly central or just above central that's great. If your eyes are near the top it's likely all that lens space at the bottom of the frame will only show up any eye bags. Sorry. And if you're eyes are nearer the bottom half of the frame, you might end up looking like you're wearing snooker glasses. Again, sorry.

3. The right angles

Look for angles that go inwards towards the bottom of the frame. Or look for a frame that curves inwards slightly at the top and bottom. This avoids them looking too wide and gives them a better shape, rather than just 'massive'.

4. Try a round

Round eyes are perfect for slimmer faces, the curves mean they can be slightly larger in size but not look too wide for your face.

I'm here to make choosing glasses easy (and fun), so if you'd like expert guidance book your Styling Session here.

Rebecca Thompson