Bespoke Style Guide From Your Favourite Eyewear Stylist

Tired of the endless hunt for the perfect pair of glasses? I’ve got you covered. Your Bespoke Eyewear Style Guide is expertly crafted to eliminate all the guesswork. It’s like having a personal stylist in your pocket, dedicated to finding glasses that flatter and fit you perfectly. No more trial and error, just tailored suggestions that actually work.

Eyewear Styling In Your Inbox

The Style Guide Includes:

Personalised advice on shapes, styles, colours, and sizes that will truly complement your unique features and personality.

A custom mood board filled with eyewear style ideas specifically curated for you.

Direct shopping links to your ideal glasses, saving you the daunting search.

And, to take your eyewear game to the next level, I’ll provide you with three key recommendations to build your perfect eyewear wardrobe—an everyday essential, a statement piece for those bold moments, and a sun option to keep you stylish in every season.

Your Style Guide isn't just a one-time solution — it's a tool you can keep and refer to for years to come. It's the expert advice you've always been missing, now in an easy-to-use PDF format.

With this guide as a starting point, you'll never struggle to find the perfect glasses again.

Here’s What You Need to Know:

After completing the questionnaire, your Bespoke Style Guide will arrive in your inbox within 5 working days.

Your Style Guide is an Online Service based solely on the answers and photos that you provide, so please ensure you are happy with both.

Guidance for Photos

Natural light is preferable, so it's perfect if you can take pictures outside or face a window during daylight hours.

Hold the phone straight ahead with the camera at eye level (try not to look up, down, or sideways at the camera).

Remember, if you can’t see your eye colour in the photo, I can’t either. Little details mean a lot when it comes to recommending glasses, and I want to get them spot-on for you.

Your bespoke guide is based on these photos, so please take your time and make sure you are happy that the pictures you are sending are accurate representations.

A current prescription helps me factor in how lenses will look in the recommended frames, particularly if you have a high prescription and usually need thinner lenses. If you do not have a prescription, please note that some frame recommendations may not be suitable.

Meet Your Personal Eyewear Stylist and Qualified Dispensing Optician

Rebecca Thompson FDBO

As a qualified Dispensing Optician, award-winning Eyewear Stylist and real glasses geek, I understand just how challenging it can be to find unique eyewear that really suits your face, style and personality.

At Eyestyle Studio, you get the glasses styling advice you've been looking for from someone who knows how. No more searching through frames that all look the same or listening to a salesperson say, "They look nice" (when you know they don't).

I designed the bespoke style guide to make choosing glasses with the help of a trained personal stylist accessible to everyone. I've helped hundreds of glasses wearers find the right pair for them.

Your Bespoke Style Guide

Your Bespoke Eyewear Style Guide offers an expertly curated guide to glasses, eliminating guesswork and providing personalised advice tailored to your unique features and personality. Receive a custom mood board, direct shopping links, and three key recommendations for building your perfect eyewear wardrobe. Accessible as an easy-to-use PDF, this guide ensures you'll get your glasses choice right first time.