1. It's not what I'm expert at

Optometrists are absolutely awesome and have been trained to be awesome at eye exams. Dispensing Opticians have been trained to be awesome (for 3 years I might add) at glasses and lenses. Some Dispensing Opticians go the extra mile. Some Dispensing Opticians abandon the constraints of clinical practice and fly in the face on convention by studying facial features, style and design. That's me.

2. It's better to separate the exam from the glasses choosing

This is a controversial one (from the point of view of opticians), but for me it's simple. YOU will have a better experience both of the eye exam and choosing glasses if the two things are separate. You wouldn't go to the dentist for a stylish haircut would you? So if you want stylish glasses, it follows that you should visit a stylish glasses person.

3. Money

I'm going to be honest with you here; having the facilities and the team to provide eye exams costs a lot of money. Yet, unless it is properly charged for, it doesn't actually make any. This is one huge reason why your high street optician doesn't like you to take that prescription and buy glasses somewhere else. Also, dealing with NHS payments and everything else that goes with it it not my bag. Stylish spectacles are what I do. It's what I'm expert at.

Bring a copy of your current prescription and book your Styling Session In-Person at the Rawtenstall Studio here (or simply select Online Styling if you live further away).

Rebecca x

Rebecca Thompson