Meet the classic  Shakespeare, part of an exclusive collaboration between Eyestyle Studio and Hemp Eyewear. Available in Scottish Sky Blue.

Hemp is the most sustainable, eco friendly and diverse crop on the planet. Hemp fibre is the base material for these frames; grown in France without the use of harmful pesticides and processed in Edinburgh, UK. The raw fibres are combined with a bio-resin coating to make a strong yet lightweight frame. The only by-product from the production process is water vapour (H2O).

They don't use fossil fuels, they’re ethically handmade in the UK, and once complete they, and the material, look like nothing else.

Frame Size: 51 x 21

Arm Length: 145mm

Prescription lenses are only available with frame orders placed following a Styling Session. Your Styling Session with a qualified Dispensing Optician allows us to make expert lens recommendations, discuss accurate measurements and ensure the correct fit of your glasses. These three factors are absolutely essential if you are to own glasses that not only look great, but feel great and allow you to see great too!