Whatever you've been told, you are NOT obligated to buy your glasses from the same place you have your eye exam. It is your right as a customer to search for the solution that works best for you. When you're on the hunt for the perfect glasses here's some things to bear in mind...

  • Buying or choosing online direct from a website has its limitations. Unless you know your perfect sizing and look for that, the glasses you receive often don't fit as well as you'd hope. And if they don't fit you'll spend your days uncomfortable (plus your vision won't be as good as it should be).
  • Buying from the high street often means seeing a lot of the same brands, styles and colours in each place you visit; not great for those who want a glasses that are a little different.
  • Sometimes you'll find you go somewhere and have an absolutely awesome eye exam with an awesome optician, but they don't have frames you like, or you don't feel you get the best advice about how they look (not all opticians spend their waking moments obsessing about glasses shapes, styles and fits).

Obviously I'd love you to visit Spexbox, where you find the perfect balance. Expert advice, time to try, zero pressure to buy and amazing unique eyewear collections from around the world. I'd love you to have an Online Styling Session that saves you the time and trauma of trawling the internet for the perfect frames and combines that with expert advice so the frames will look awesome, fit well and you'll be able to see through them.

But I'm not for everyone. And that's ok. YOU choose what's right for you and don't feel bad about it.

Rebecca x

Rebecca Thompson