1. No Help

Being told, "the ladies frames are over there", rarely results in a joyful glasses buying experience. In a Styling Session here, you'll get my undivided attention (that's why it's appointment only).

2. Dull and Boring

Visit any high street optician and you'll see racks and rows of glasses that all look the same. Not here.

3. No Time

Let's face it, a rush job at the end of an eye exam (when you're already tired) isn't ideal. Here, the time is taken to get to know you, to understand your style and personality.

4. Little (or no) Style Advice

No-one has ever explained which styles will suit you and why, That's what I'm great at (not to sound big-headed or anything!).

5. The Numbers

No-one has ever explained what all the numbers mean. There are numbers on your prescription, on the glasses and so many measurements and costs. They all add up to the perfect pair of glasses. Here I'll show you which ones to pay attention to and why they are so important.

Book your Styling Session and I promise I'll turn your usual glasses buying experience on its head. Book here.

Rebecca x

Rebecca Thompson