The Rise of the Round Eye 

The original glasses style, a round eye never quite goes away and always re-surfaces with varying degrees of popularity. Seemingly this happens during times of significant social change, and the style is usually associated with those individuals who don't follow the crowd, leaders in thought, design or style. 

For many, a round eye is something to be avoided; a style 'not for me' that evokes geekery or Harry Potter associations. Yet this style has been under-appreciated in recent years, and I for one rejoice in its return to popularity in 2021. Whilst I firmly believe that you can wear whatever eyewear makes you feel good; round glasses styles particularly suit those with angular facial features. It's all about getting the right round eye for you.

If you're not sure which style of round glasses would suit your face shape and personality, book your Styling Appointment here. In the meantime check out a few of our favourites below or view the full Round Eye Collection here.

Open image in slideshow, Doppio - Spexbox

If you're not shy and want to make a fun statement these from Cibelle do just that!

This off-round in aqua from Alfred Kerbs also makes for a distinctive look.

Open image in slideshow, Cuba - Spexbox

The ultimate classic round eye - this from Eco Eyewear also comes with a polarised yellow sun clip (to make your own sunshine!).

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Rebecca Thompson