If I could officially be obsessed with any one brand of eyewear it would be this one, FEB31st.

Designed and crafted in the Italian mountains from sustainably sourced wood, this eco brand lives up to its credentials. Apart from the fact that they use sustainably sourced wood, they do not hold stock of any kind. This means that there is very little wastage because each frame is made to order. I adore the fact that all the extra bits of wood shavings are 'hoovered up' and used to heat the factory in winter!

But here's something else exciting - each frame is also unique. With FEB31st we have the ability to create something that no-one else owns, a pair of glasses that holds as much sentimental value as a special piece of jewellery. It's this creative process that I love; the fact that I can get to know a client and figure out which of the glasses shapes and sizes (from hundreds of available designs) will be the perfect one for them. Not only that, but to help design the colours, the patterns, the engravings and the finish of the final design means that I share the journey and have the joy of presenting the finished piece.

I will share a mini showcase of my FEB31st creations on social; but if you're interested in learning more about the brand or wish to design your own pair of glasses, simply book your Styling Session.

A small number of FEB31st glasses feature in our online store, but the bespoke elements of design are only available via our Bespoke Styling Sessions. 

P.S. The best is yet to come, keep your eyes peeled (not literally) for a very special collection, exclusive to Spexbox.

Rebecca x

Rebecca Thompson