So you've had that haircut, you've opted for a fringe (or bangs as the say in the USA)... but which glasses should you wear to stop all that face framing being too much? 

There are many different factors to consider (and if you really want expert help click here), but these are the eyewear styles to try depending on your fringe/bangs style:

1. Blunt Fringe

Glasses with a straight top and/or a thicker rim work well to frame the eyes without competing with your fringe. Alternatively reach for the round frame shapes to contrast with the straight line of your fringe. Avoid frames with too much detail across the top; the eyes of others will be drawn to that rather than your eyes!

2. Rounded/Soft Fringe

Most styles of glasses work well with a rounded or softer fringe. In particular reach for styles that have more detail at the bottom of the frame than the top. If you fancy being ahead of the UK fashion pack, perhaps try the super small frames currently popular in Italy.

Lio eyewear UK

Lio eyewear UK

3. Parted Fringe

The loose, 70's style parted fringe is popular this year. Finer, thinner frames complement this style well. In particular take a look at the oversized styles. If your fringe is parted to one side, cat eye frames with detail at the temple provide balance and ensure attention isn't always on one side of the face.

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Rebecca Thompson