In-Person Styling Session

As a Qualified Dispensing Optician, Rebecca can provide any type of prescription lenses. Simply bring a copy of your current prescription along to your Styling Session. If you haven't had your eye exam yet and just wish to browse, just bring along your current glasses as a guide.

Online Styling Session

Prescription lenses are only available with frame orders placed following a Styling Session (not with frames purchased unassisted via our web shop). Your Styling Session with a qualified Dispensing Optician allows us to make expert lens recommendations, discuss accurate measurements and ensure the correct fit of your glasses. These three factors are absolutely essential if you are to own glasses that not only look great, but feel great and allow you to see great too!

Quick Lens Guide

Single Vision lenses (for distance, intermediate or close vision) include an anti-reflective treatment. 

Thinner lens upgrades for higher prescriptions are available and all include anti-reflective treatment.

Photochromic lenses which change colour in the sun are available in a range of colours and finishes.  Want a change from the usual grey, brown or green? Fancy lenses that turn pink, aqua or purple in the sun? It's all available here.

Varifocal lenses and all their different types can be overwhelming. At Eyestyle Studio we only use elite or tailored designs.  If you have a specific lens requirement we are not limited to any one supplier so please request a quote.

Polarised sun lenses and custom tinted lenses are available in almost any colour! Lenses can even be engraved with symbols or initials to make them personalised.


Rebecca Thompson FBDO

Want to feel good in your glasses? Want people to compliment you in them? Want them to say something about you as a person? I'm here to make finding the right eyewear ridiculously easy. Simply bring a copy of your current prescription and I'll do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is enjoy the process. And you will. I promise.


The styling experience should be all about YOU. That said, you need to know you’re in safe hands and that you can trust the advice of the person styling you. So just in case you need to know a little more, here’s all the reasons you should trust me to help you find your perfect pair of glasses. 

Qualified Dispensing Optician with 12 years experience styling glasses wearers.

Industry recognised expert in Frame Styling who spent 6 years coaching, developing and training across a wide range of optical practices nationally.

Published in Dispensing Optics Magazine.

Featured in Eyestyle as one of the five most inspirational women in optics.

Optician Awards Finalist – Fashion Practice of the Year 2019

Winner New Business – Ribble Valley Business Awards 2019

Love Eyewear Awards Finalist – Independent Retailer of the Year 2020

Winner Sole Trader - Rossendale Business Awards 2020

Independent Retailer Finalist - Rossendale Business Awards 2020

Independent Retailer Finalist  - Rossendale Business Awards 2021

Independent Retailer Finalist - Rossendale Business Awards 2022

Sole Trader Finalist - Rossendale Business Awards 2022

Creative Visual Merchandising Independent of the Year Finalist - Boutique Star Awards 2023

Member - Net Zero Optics 2023